Mills’ syndrome: case report

A man, 55-year-old engineer, was evaluated in the neurology unit presenting a 2-years history of progressive weakness initially on left lower limb, ascending after 6 months to the left upper limb. He had difficulties to walk and constantly fell down. He described occasional feeling of muscle twitches and frequent cramps in the left leg. He denied any abnormal sensation or altered perception. He didn’t have abnormal bladder and bowel function or difficulties to swallow.

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New Aussie drug gives hope to treat MND

Australian researchers have developed a groundbreaking drug which holds hope of treating the debilitating and fatal motor neuron disease.

The result of 15 years of work has been tested on 32 patients in Melbourne and Sydney and showed it could slow the progression of the disease, rather than just treat the symptoms.

“It is a huge breakthrough,” Professor Ashley Bush, chief scientific officer of collaborative medicinal development and director of the Melbourne Dementia Research Centre, said on Friday.

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Pharnext – This biopharmaceutical company has an interesting approach to find a cure for rare conditions that do not currently have a cure or treatment.

Pharnext is an advanced clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company founded in April 2007 by renowned scientists and entrepreneurs including Professor Daniel Cohen and collaborators, pioneers in modern genomics. The company develops new therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases – orphan and common – where there are currently no cures and existing therapies available. 

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